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英語では、「英語学習への架け橋」となり、英語学習初心者の皆さんが世界と英語で繋がるための「はじめの一歩をアシスト」することを目指している。英語学習の楽しさや使う喜びを引き出し、「have to」学習を「want to」学習へと導くことがモットー。



Her life changed dramatically after one year of studying Business English in the U.S., and studying yoga for nine months in India. She has been involved in teaching English to children for more than ten years. Currently, as a freelance English learning supporter and yoga instructor, she provides English Study Methods, Basic English Grammar & Conversation, and Yoga in English classes for corporate training programs. In addition, she translates Indian picture books, offers yoga lessons, and manages this yoga website for health and wellness.

Her motto in English instruction is: ”be a bridge to English learning” and “assist beginners to take the first step” to connect with the world through English. She brings out the joy and pleasure of learning, and leads her students from a “have to” learning approach to that of a “want to” one. In yoga, she aims to “connect students with the voice within themselves and support them to live their life in a healthier way.” To this end, she has led a yoga group for more than ten years. Now, she hopes that her experience of recovering from severe depression will help others thrive. She states, “Let’s spread our wings to the world through English and Yoga as our TRUE SELVES!”

Certificate of Yoga

  • 2009年(印)Sri Aurobindo Ashram インテグラルヨガ講師養成コース修了
  • 2010年(日)アンダーザライトスクール ヨーガ解剖学コース(AKIC)修了
  • 2012年(濠)S.B.C. YOGA 全米ヨガアライアンス認定RYT200取得
  • 2013年(日)Medical Yoga Luna Works 指導者養成スキルアップ講座修了
  • 上級救命講習認定保持

My English History

  • 2008年4月-2009年3月(米)ワシントン大学 IBP(International Business Professions) 修了
  • 2010年3月-2012年3月 神奈川県の子供英会話スクールにて英語指導
  • 2012年6月~ 子供英会話教室主宰、法人英語研修を担当
  • 小学校英語指導者認定協議会 – J-SHINE資格保持



Yogaを学んだインドの学校《 Mirambika 》のHPと

そこでの教え《 Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga 》が記載されている

Yoga is a way of life.

Dr. Ramesh Bijlani